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The very favorite fruit that we eat empty stomach, became the cause of death. What fruit is that


Eating Litchi Empty Stomach Is Very Dangerous


According to the British news agency, the scientists say that in the Muzaffarpur district of Indian state of Bihar, from the past two decades Children’s deaths are getting because of empty belly litchi food, in which a toxic chemical is found. According to scientists, Litchi which has been produced in this area contains a high amount of Hipo glasheen chemical. Children get sick due to eating it and after sometimes their death occurs later.

According to the report, the children took to the hospital for treatment who were sick because litchi food, blood test, and urine tests often show that a number of chemical elements were present. Some of them had been eaten the excessive amount of the litchi in empty stomach and they didn’t eat food, but the only litchi. In this case the, effect of these elements are more painful. Scientists say it is important to give a limited amount of litchi to children and give them proper food before litchi.

How To Prevent ISP Monitoring, Safe Browsing Tips


As I told you in my previous article that you can not connect with internet by your own that why Internet service providers provide you internet services. But there was a problem that ISP monitor all activities you do online. But with these 3 steps, you can stop ISP monitoring.

Use Virtual Private Networks


Virtual private network is a method to add security and privacy over public networks like wifi and internet. By using this method you can encrypt all your internet activities. We call it VPN in the short term. Vpn replaced your real IP address with one from VPN. This method allows to attain different Ip addresses  from  the VPN provider. It also encrypts your real location because it assigns you up of a different city or country. For example, you live in Sad Diego but with a VPN you can appear to live in Amsterdam. It encrypts your IP foot prints on the internet. ISP sees your IP address and therefore knows who you are and what you are doing on the internet. And VPN hides your IP with VPN IP and create private tunnels to encrypt your all IP footprints. VPN encrypts all the traffic sent through ISP to the VPN server you are connected. It prevents the ISP from being able to see you are doing online or websites your visiting. Your ISP only can see your IP and then he knows who you are but VPN connection will hide you IP. When you are using VPN nothing can track back to you. VPN was designed to secure transit of data. VPN provider help people keep data and internet activities, safe from the ISP, Attackers, and even the government.

Here is list of some top Virtual Private networks

1- IPVanish

2- NordVPN

3- PureVPN

4-Hide My Ass VPN

5-AnchorFree Hotspot Shield Elite

6- Super VPN


Use Tor Browser

Tor or Onion Router developed by Tor project. It encrypts your all data and browsing history with a security layer. It is a browsing tool like chrome, Firefox and Safari. But the difference is Chrome, Firefox, Safari can not hide and encrypt your data from ISP but Tor can. Tor passes your data through a peel of another layer of encryption. Tor works a little bit different as compare to VPN. Tor network is composed of volunteers who use their computers as nodes and when a Tor visitor search or visit any website. Tor creates a path through randomly assigned nodes. I show you with a diagram how Tor works. It does not go straight to server, Tor user different volunteer computers to hide your real identity.  You can download Tor Browser for free.


USE HTTP Everywhere

HTTP Everywhere is an extension of Chrome and Firefox and Opera. It is developed by collaboratively by Tor project and Extronic Frontier Foundation. It is open free source browser extension.  It secures web browsing by encrypting both requests from browser to websites. It was developed to make it easier for people to make their user names and passwords and other private data secure. It makes websites, secure by HTTPS connections instead of HTTP. HTTPS everywhere was inspired by Google’s increased use of HTTPS. When the browser loads ay URL, HTTPS Everywhere then try to match this URL against rulesets and one of those rules matches HTTPS Everywhere rewrites the URL according to the rule attribute. HTTPS connection will only work if the site has HTTPS certificate installed. So forcing HTTPS on a site without a valid certificate could cause browser errors. This is beneficial for website admin.

Internet Safety For Kids To Secure Your Kids On Internet


Role Of Internet In Kids Life


The internet is the symbol of modern technology. It is a very vast network of networks. We can easily access any information stored on it. It Is accessed anywhere in the world through telecommunication lines. Internet has a vast amount of information that is easily available for everyone at one click.

The internet is not only important for elders and professionals, it is important for kids too. It introduces them with modern demands. It has also provided them a vast library of knowledge.  On any topic they want to research can find in just seconds.Internet is also a good entertainer. Children can watch many funny programs like cartoons and can play games on it. It is a wonderful resource of information.

Internet Threats to Children


The invention of the internet brought many advantages to us, but same time we can’t turn face from its disadvantages. There are many threats to your children on the internet.  I explain them to you.

1-    Pornography and Inappropriate content

There are thousand of websites that contain content that you may feel inappropriate for your kids.  Such content can be in the form of pictures, videos, movies or games that play on your computer screen.  If you think that your child your child don’t watch pornography on internet think it again because a U.S. study revealed that 62% of parents are unaware that their children have access on porno sites.

2-    Pushing Pornography

It is possible that your children will be exposed to pornography, even if they don’t search it. It can be in the form of spam websites. They visible automatically on your computer screen. It is survey report that 30% spam was in pornography nature.

3-    Pedophiles threat to children

Pedophile is an adult has a sexual attraction to children. Pedophiles are increasingly using the internet and spread childhood pornography. They try to contact individual children. It is estimated that around 1 million images of child pornography circulating on the internet. More than 27000 people access child pornography sites daily. There is no real way to verify that  child predator is connected to the children or not. Just have an eye on your children’s activities.

There is no certain profile of pedophiles. They can be a school teacher, professor or especially your family friends who have easy access to your children. That’s why be careful.

4-    Role of Internet In Child Crimes

Children can easily obtain information about committing crimes, such as making bombs, manufacturing drugs and stealing money. In less than  60 seconds after typing some keywords you can find several information about

  • How to make a basic pipe bomb?
  • How to make exploding from bleach
  • How to make cocain

There are many instances of children and teenagers bringing weapons to school.

5-    Kids Harassment

Kids can receive inappropriate messages that can harass them. Some people make inappropriate videos of children and after harassing them  by posting their videos on the internet.

Internet Safety Steps To Save Kids


There are many threats to your children on the internet. Because of these threats safeties is necessary when kids are using the internet. There is not one way by which you can make the internet safe for your kids. There are several ways, If you follow them you can reduce the risks.

1-    Educate Your Kids

Educate your kids and explain them the danger exists on the internet. It is not about giving them a list of work they can’t do. Just explain to them in a proper way. You can raise certain points in discussion with your kids.

  • Tell them, they need to be careful about internet They should not talk to strangers, even if they seems nice they can harm you.
  • Avoid anyone who says rude things to you or ask your real name, want your photo, want to speak with you on the phone or ask you to meet them face to face can harm you. Tell your parents or your teachers straight ways about this.
  • Never give anyone or any website your personal information like name, address,  phone number.
  • Never try to meet anyone face to face you talked on the internet.
  • Never run or download or save any file from unauthorized website because they can hack your computer by sending harmful viruses.

2-    Monitor What your kids Do on the Internet

  • Keep the computer in a room you can easily monitor your child’s internet activity
  • Check browser history regularly
  • Spend time with your child
  • Establish rules that kids can not order anything online.
  • Establish a reasonable time limit for internet access based on child activities.

3-    Block Inappropriate Content

Unfortunately, many pornographic and other inappropriate websites are on the internet. You can reduce the chances of your child coming access a website containing inappropriate content  by filtering software. You can block many inappropriate content by these softwares.

4-    Inappropriate content by Email

A lot of spammy emails contain pornographic subject headers. Even if your kids don’t give email on these inappropriate sites, it is possible they can receive this content by email. Because these sites collect emails by a large number of resources like website Guestbooks, news websites, greeting cards, party invite sites. You can avoid this if you keep these steps in mind.

  • Don’t post messages to newsgroups
  • If you post messages use other free email not your personal
  • Don’t use regular email on your website
  • Don’t use your real email into an instant message
  • Don’t fill the product registration card with your regular mail

      5- Popup Advertisement

Popup ads are the most annoying form of advertisement. Block pop up advertisement. Inappropriate sites pop up their pornographic ads on your computer screen.

      6- Chat rooms are not Safe for Kids

There are many chat rooms  on the internet. Many child Preditors  use these chatrooms to trap kids. Child Praditors pose as a boy or girl of similar age to your child. They even can say they go to the same school. They try to trap your kids. That’s why don’t let your kids to use these chat rooms.

    7- Block Porn Sites

You can block inappropriate sites on your children’s computer by certain ways. I tell you 2 methods by them you can save your kids from pornography content.

1- Use Open DNS

Open DNS is a security service and company, which provides you security against pornographic and inappropriate and spam content and websites. It provides content filtering protection to its customers. It also provides a service called Family Shield. By this Shield you can protect your children from harmful content.


2- Norton Connect Safe DNS Service


It is a reliable free DNS service that I suggest to you for content filtering. It prevents adult and pornographic content. It is attested and block almost all sites very effectively.

Who is the owner of the internet and how internet regulated?


I told you in my previous article How the internet was invented  that the internet is decentralized network of computers and it does not rely on a central computer. There is no company or government that owns the internet. However, there are some non profitable standards organizations that overseas the management of the internet addresses. Internet Corporation for assigned names and numbers (ICANN) is the non profitable organization that overseas the technical coordination of domains and allows internet addresses.

Who are Internet Service Providers and what they do?

You can’t connect to the internet with your own. Because to connect your one computer to the other country’s computer network is very costly. You need a huge cost to spend and you will face many technical and other difficulties. That’s why you choose internet service providers. They spend all cost and face all technical and other difficulties on your behalf and in return you pay fees for using internet like you pay a toll to get into highway. Your internet service providers connect your computer to their ISP computers which are already connected with internet. Your computers  use their computers like a gateway.  Gateway is a way from which your computer connects to the internet.

Can my ISP see everything I do online?

When you think about Internet service providers, the first thing comes to mind (can my internet service provider see everything I do online?). The Websites I visit all graphics I download and emails.  The answer is YES. ISP can see everything you do online even can ready your emails.

Can I stop ISP Spying ?

2nd question cos to mind, can I stop ISP spying me? The answer is also YES. There are some methods by using them you can prevent ISP monitoring. You can know these methods in this article HOW TO PREVENT ISP MONITORING

Who Invented the Internet and when it was invented?


What is Internet

The world is a global village and it is because of the internet. The internet is like a spider’s web. A huge system which connects the millions of computers at decentralized platform. Some computers are host of information and other computers can access this information. Host computers or websites.

Who Invented the internet and when?

When we think about internet the first question comes to our mind, who invented the internet and when it was invented?

Internet was not invented by a single person it was a team work. Necessity is the mother of inventions. This phrase fits for the internet because the internet was also the invention of necessity.

It was 1969 when the initial internet structure was built-up. U.S. Department of Defense was suffering a problem. The problem was that the U.S. was at war with Russia and the sections of the U.S. Department of Defense was not interconnected and in the emergency of Nuclear Strike they was unable to send quick information. To solve this problem they created an agency, named Advance research project Agency. Its target was to create a decentralized network of computers that could remain connected in the event of war. The network was called  Appranet. With the passage of time, a number of other computer networks were also connected with the appranet and this network grew and now we call it the Internet.

Its mean internet was developed just to control the emergency situation,  but expanded with the passage of time and turned into latest form of internet which is the necessity whole of the world now.

Graduate Diploma In Accounting In University Of London



Graduate Diploma In Accounting is started in London University. A great opportunity to boost your career as accountant. This Diploma will help you to understand basic principles of account and will make you expert.


This diploma is suitable for your personal and professional need/reasons. Graduates/Post Graduates of any discipline are eligible. It is also suitable for you also if your fist degree is in unrelated field.  It aim to provide throughout grounding in principles of accounting. Will aware Variety of perspectives and international dimension.

Program Structure and Information

You must have to pass the full courses to complete the program.

It Comprises Four Courses.

1- Principles of Accounting

2- Financial management and Corporate Finance

Two Courses chosen from

1- Financial Reporting

2- Auditing and Assurance

3- Management Accounting

4- Management and Securities Analysis

Fee Structure 

You have to pay total fee £2018 to University. It is minimum time period fee. The further information is available on University Website.

Application Dead Line is                   1st oct

Registration Dead Line   is               30 Nov

Examination                                       May/June


Click here to see further information on University Website


Racial Discremination In Education, A Big Step For ‘Refugees And Migrants’ Rights


Every person in this world entitled to human rights without any discrimination. Every person have right to get facilities like other people. But is core belief that there is too much discrimination and hatred for refugees and migrants. People target them in different ways. The one way is education. Globally, the hatred and racial discrimination is too much in many countries. At the day of Elimination of Racial Discrimination, some certain points strongly considered in the context of migrants.

Education Internation Confrence

Providing education to refugee children was strongly considered in International Education Conference. The main benefit of this step is, this will enable them to get fast track to equal opportunities. Many recommendations was in concern to make it sure to access all of quality education to migrants and refugee children.